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Go Green:   Recycle · Reuse · Repurpose

Go Green/Recycle

We support recycling & saving energy!

Flat Lands has great ideas to save you money AND reuse or repurpose items, including some that are free!

  • View Link Did you know that AEP Ohio occasionally offers cash for appliance recycling?
  • View Link AEP Ohio Residential Energy Saving Ideas
  • View Link AEP Ohio Commercial Energy Saving Ideas
  • View Link Calculate your Carbon Footprint. What is your impact on our climate?
  • View Link We encourage local recycling: Van Wert's George E. Brake Recycling Center
  • Drop off your used, intact ink or toner cartridges at Flat Lands for recycling.
  • Ask us how LED lighting can save on your energy bill!
  • We have many energy and water saving ideas and products.


Flat Lands acquires shipping and packing materials that we offer for free so they can be reused!

15 DIY Wire Spool Project Ideas

15 DIY Wire Spool Project Ideas

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We have many sizes of spools, with various compositions: Wood, Wood w/cardboard, Plastic w/cardboard. Stop in to see what we have available.

Make a table & chairs for patio, lake cottage, or dorm room.

Store your Christmas lights, rope, hoses, cords, or wire.

Pets/Animals: Local goat farmers use them for goat recreation. Cover with carpet remnant for a pet perch.

1001 Pallet Project Ideas

1001 Pallet Project Ideas

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We have pallets!

Lots of DIY projects utilize pallets! We've included one website link to get you started.

Pallets are also great for placing under items in your basement or garage in case of water leaks.

Large Cardboard Boxes

Large Cardboard Boxes

Moving? Putting things in storage?

We have large cardboard boxes available, call us to check availability.

Please note that we keep smaller boxes to pack our orders.

Packing · Shipping Supplies

Packing · Shipping Supplies

Moving? Selling online?

If you are in need of packing supplies, we have several types available, call us to check availability:

  • Styrofoam packing "peanuts"
  • Air-filled pillow pouches
  • Bubble wrap
  • Foam sheeting